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Day Trippers

We took a day trip to Nags Head today.  It was Cora’s first time at the ocean, and the boys’ bravest trip.  We took in the aquarium in the morning, had lunch, and then spent a couple of hours on the shore.  It was a quick trip, but I’m so thankful that we got to go.

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Another Year at Plumfield Academy


Here we are at the beginning of another school year.  The summer was a time of adjustment as our family welcomed Cora and settled into a new normal.  With a little rest under our belts and new enthusiasm in our hearts, we are embarking on this year’s journey.  Won’t you pray for us?  I desire so much to honor God in how I educate my children and know that I am not equipped to do so without His help.  Today was wonderfully encouraging as I witnessed the boys’ growth over the past year, and I pray that God will use it to spur me towards excellence in my work.  It will be a year of constant changes as Cora’s needs and sleep patterns take the normal roller coaster of a baby’s first year so please also pray that the boys will do well with a flexible schedule and be mindful of their sister’s needs.




Our family has been blessed many times over since the beginning of March.  We celebrated Daniel’s 8th birthday, and that sweet boy who was the first to call me Mama had a fun day with friends and family drifting in and out.


There have been teeth lost and LEGOs purchased.   School days have come and gone, and Classical Conversations has ended for the school year.

On April 16, just after midnight, God sent another blessing that we have been praying for since we discovered her existence last August, Cora Belle Thompson.


To say that we are thrilled would be the understatement of a lifetime.  We are completely overjoyed and thankful for God’s protection over Cora before and during her birth.  Please pray along with our family as we find our new normal and transition to life as a family of five.



These are the founding agents of the MPA (Mommy Protection Agency).  The mission of their organization is threefold: protect Mommy, catch all robbers, and stop all speeders.


The founding agents were asked what role Little One would play in the MPA when he/she arrives.  They answered that if the baby is a boy, he will begin ninja training so that he can join the MPA as well.  If the baby is a girl, she will be protected along with Mommy.  They’ve got it all figured out, friends.

My Christmas Baby Turns 6

This evening at 6:06 pm, my smallest man (for now, at least) turned six years old.  He is such a precious little guy to me, full of spunk and imagination.  Jack loves LEGOs, drawing, art of all kinds, books, and his mama.  I can’t picture our home without the excitement, joy, and noise that he brings into it each day.  I am so, so thankful to the Lord for Jack, and I pray that He will continue to graciously bless my little guy in every aspect of life.

Thompson Family 2015 - 3.jpg

*I thought of this as I titled this post: I seem to enjoy having babies at busy times of the year.  Daniel was born the day after Easter, Jack was born six days before Christmas, and Little One is due on Tax Day (April 15).


Lord Willing

Lord willing, in mid-April, our family will welcome a new addition.  Our family is excited and thankful to the Lord for this blessing in the making.  Please join our family in praying for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and ultimately for this little one’s salvation.

DSC_0517My lovely and talented friend Candace snapped a few pictures of my little bump last night while we were taking Christmas card pictures.  Here’s a fun one that shows that this precious baby will be adding to blessings that the Lord has already graciously given.


One Down…

Week one of the school year is in the books.  The boys quickly fell back into the routine, which is one of those extreme blessings that humble me with gratitude.  Considering the vast amount of information covered this week, I’ll be thankful if we half as much in a regular week, but while the boys are fresh and eager, I’ll take full advantage of the situation!  🙂  IMG_6611Ah, all finished and cleaned up for the week!  The boys inform me that King Trunk and Queen Eat Banana are pleased.


Day One!

Our first day of school was smooth and happy!  Praise the Lord!  Here are a few pictures of our celebratory breakfast (the boys get to choose all three meals on the first day of school!) and the boys holding their signs.

IMG_6586 IMG_6605 IMG_6593

Plumfield Academy Reopens

In John 13, after Jesus is finished washing the feet of his disciples, he tells them in verse 16, “Truly, truly, I say to you: a servant is not greater than his master, nor is the messenger greater than the one who sent him.”  As we begin our school year tomorrow, this is a truth from God’s word that I am preaching to my own heart.  Homeschooling is a blessing (an exhausting, sometimes heart-rending blessing) that calls for sacrifice and service.  My constant prayer for Plumfield Academy is one of thanks as well as one that petitions for strength and grace.

Despite my great love for my children, I do not have all that I need to guide them well without the grace of God.  Please pray for us as we begin this school year, that my sons would grow in understanding, wisdom, and character, and that I would grow in perseverance, patience, and joy.

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