Daniel at 3 months


I’ve been realizing more and more what a life-changing gift motherhood is, and it’s caused me to reflect on all of the beautiful pictures of self-sacrifice that we see in scripture as well as in the lives of our own mothers and grandmothers.  I remembered one time in particular that my paternal grandmother woke me up twice in the night (I was spending the night obviously) to make sure that I got my cough syrup at the scheduled time, knowing that I’d feel better sooner if I kept it in me.  Ironically, I was quite annoyed at the time and didn’t recognize at all the sacrifice that she made by rising twice in the night to give an ungrateful child her medicine.  I could probably recount stories all day: my mom typing her fingers to the bone in the middle of the night and going with me to have Daniel’s pictures made when she could have been sleeping, my Mema buying me school clothes when she knew money was tight in our house, the list goes on.  What an encouraging legacy as I begin motherhood!  Titus 2 says that older women are to teach the younger to “love their husbands and children” among other things; how thankful I am to have been taught these things by women in both of my families (earthly and heavenly).

Daniel’s newest tricks:
*6.28.08  Learned to sleep without his swaddle (a major accomplishment by the way)
*6.30.08  Rolled from his back to his front!
*7.2.08   First plane ride!
*7.8.08   First laugh!  He’s only really laughed for Brian so far, but I’ll keep trying!
*7.9.08   Discovery of his feet~pulled off his sock for the first time!
*7.17.08 Kicked so much in his little tub that we had to move it off the kitchen counter and into the big tub
*7.19.08 TODAY!  Breaking news!  Pulled his passy out and then put it back in by himself!