Daniel has had a very busy few weeks since I last posted!  He has started eating “real” food; so far he’s tried carrots (yuck), sweet potatoes (delicious), and green beans (tolerable).  Interestingly enough he doesn’t care for any fruit juices yet probably because it’s just so different from milk.

Also he’s currently taking baths in the sink because he wants to sit up but isn’t quite stable enough for the tub and bending over the bathtub for 20 minutes at a time was killing my back!  Anyway-it makes for an adorable picture!

There has been some not-so-happy excitment as well.  Brian’s brother Larry has been hospitalized with a blood vessel malformation and will need two brain surgeries over the next week.  So we’ve been spending our days at Duke Raleigh Hospital and our nights at home, and Daniel has been quite a trooper!  Currently Larry is in stable condition; please pray for his continued recovery and I’ll try to keep you up to date which will be easier because the hospital has wireless internet.