We had a wonderful time in AZ with the Robbins! We were able to spend a lot of time with them as well as our wonderful friends Kirk and Linda Burtch and Matt and Andrea Sutton. It was a trip with excitement (Did you expect less?); we ended up in the hospital with Daniel on Thursday night because he had a bowel blockage. It was not a fun time but God was so gracious to send our extended family of believers to our rescue. Thursday morning we took Daniel to Urgent Care and as we were coming out of the office, there were Kirk and Linda! What a beautiful sight are Godly friends in the midst of trouble! They grabbed lunch for us all while we filled Daniel’s prescription; then they met us back at the house and helped us care for him for the rest of the day-which was not a picnic! Then, when it became apparent that the medicine from Urgent Care was not going to do the trick, the Robbins drove with us across town to a children’s hospital and stayed with us well into the night at the ER. What a family of believers! There is not sufficient praise that we can give to God when we think of this blessing that comes along with salvation!
After that, the trip was a cake walk! We played in the park and had play dates with friends and generally laid around:) Hooray vacation! Brian and Mike played ball with some of the guys there-you’ll notice that the only pictures I posted are Brian shooting over Mike. If you’d like to see pictures of Mike shooting over Brian, look to the right and click on the link to “The Robbins” blog:)
I have also included pictures of Daniel’s first haircut! He got it just this past Friday, April 3rd. Yes, that is cereal bar that you see on his face; I believe in doing whatever it takes to help the kid sit still while sharp objects are close to his face.
Okay-then I added pictures in his new wagon. We got it with all of his birthday money and he loves it! He wants to sit in it even in the house:) Happy days!