Daniel has been going through an extensive developmental evaluation because he is super small for his age (below the 3rd percentile) and having some motor delays due to weakness on his right side.  He started physical therapy yesterday and did really well although he was exhausted when it was over and took a 3-hr nap!  He’ll start seeing an occupational therapist soon and has been seeing a nutritionist for about a week.  All of the evaluations and therapy have taken (and will continue to take) place in our home, which is wonderful for two main reasons. (1) Daniel does his best here because he’s comfortable. (2) It’ll make  life a lot easier for me when Little One arrives.

So far, what we’ve learned is that our family eats too healthy for a baby!  WHAT?!?  Yep.  When Daniel transitioned to table food, his pediatrician told us that as long as we eat pretty healthy (which we typically do), Daniel could just eat whatever we ate except for whole milk (we drink that too!) and whole fat yogurt.  So…we did.  However, our boy needs more fat.  So that lucky ducky has been having his fill of smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juice pops, and all other sorts of delicious things that we all dream about being able to eat without getting huge.  One problem is that because of Daniel’s constipation troubles, normal fatty solutions (like cheese) aren’t always the best ideas for him.  The nutritionist has been great about helping me find recipes that I can cook for Daniel but I’d love to have any delicious and fatty recipes that you have.

The trouble with fluid is that he just doesn’t like to drink a lot.  I’m just offering him fluids now more often since I know that he won’t take in much during one session.  And the trouble with fiber is that although I promise you that I did indeed give birth to this child, he doesn’t really like bread or pasta!  He eats fresh fruit and veggies all the time but evidently he’s still not getting enough; our plan here is to trick him and it’s worked a few times.

Sorry that this post has been so long but I wanted to let you all know specifically what was going on with Daniel so that you would know how to pray for our little family!  Here are some specific things.

*that I would be able to work daily with Daniel on his therapy exercises without frustrating him

*that he would eat enough and continue to gain weight

*that we would be able to keep a Godly perspective and remember that Daniel’s greatest sickness is his sinful nature which needs more attention than his size or strength

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!  We appreciate all of your prayers!