Hey everybody!  Sorry for the little delay in the blogging-we were computerless for about a week.  Okay-apology over!

On Monday, June 28 (I think) I went back to the doctor for a little check-up and everything was good!  I heard Little One’s heartbeat (140 beats per minute) and so did Daniel.  Daniel did not enjoy the experience because (a) he didn’t understand of course and (b) he thought that the midwife was hurting me and was very upset.  I return on July 17th for my big ultrasound and we are hoping to discover the sex of the baby (no particular hopes, just healthy).  Also the placenta in not currently in the correct position, so we are praying that it will have moved.  If it doesn’t move, I’ll have to have a c-section.  If it hasn’t moved for this ultrasound, I will have another one at 26 weeks, which will ultimately determine the c-section.

Daniel is doing well too!  He is making a lot of progress in his physical and occupational therapy and has gained up to 18 lbs 2 oz!  Woo Hoo!!  Both of his therapists think that he is making some good strides in strength and ability.  He took 17 steps in a row on Monday, which was an all-time high!  Go, buddy, go!  Here are some cutie pictures to hold you over til next time!