So you may be wondering, “Where are the new and adorable pictures of Daniel?”  Good question!  The answer is simple and sad.  Daniel loves the camera, and I don’t mind letting him play with it but the other day, we discovered that in his zeal to press buttons, he was editing my photos!  AND…not doing such a great job.  So we decided to remove the memory card before giving it to him from then on, and…well…I took it out one day and laid it down in a “safe” place that I cannot remember.  Thus we have no new pictures to share.  The internal memory on the camera only holds 5 pictures at a time:(  Hopefully, I’ll find it soon because I’m having picture withdrawal!

BUT-to brighten your face after that sad news, I will tell you about a giveaway!  It is from Jen who has an etsy store, The Crafty Home , and is giving away a fabulous t-shirt in honor of her 2nd “blogiversary.”  This link will take you to her blog which has the giveaway details-!