**Disclaimer: If you received our email this morning, there’s no need to read this post.  I just copied and pasted it!  Oops!  Except the bold part.**

Today’s appointment went MUCH smoother than yesterday’s MRI-thanks for all of your prayers, call, emails, etc!  The news is such a blessing.  Daniel had a stroke when he was still in my womb.  The doctors aren’t able to say why he had it but it has healed.  Here are the main facts:

*We have no reason to suspect that he will have another stroke or seizures as a result.

*The location of the stroke will continue to effect his right side, making it more difficult (but not impossible) for him to acquire new skills on that side.  He will run and play like any other little boy-it just may take him longer to learn to do it.

*The location of the stroke means that it will not affect his ability to learn or his emotional/social health.  Praise the Lord!

*Daniel will continue with his physical and occupational therapy as long as his therapists deem it necessary.

*The doctor said that there is no reason to suspect that anything will happen with Jack; it was just one of those random (ordained) occurrances.

When I consider all of the news that the doctors could possibly have given us, I am so thankful that our news was so positive!  The worst has passed, and now we are able to work with Daniel so that he can develop his right side as typically as possible.  This is also a time for us to reflect on the fact that Daniel’s greatest sickness is one of the heart-a heart that has yet to turn to the Lord.  Whenever you think of and pray for Daniel’s body, please also pray for the future healing of his spirit-it is infinitely more important.