Oh my!  It’s true – look at the ticker!  I have SO much to do in these next 100 days-pack, move, get my home “family ready,” go through all of Daniel’s baby clothes to see what Jack will be able to wear, register for Jack gifts…and the list goes on!  It’ll be a busy 3.5 months, but so happy as we get ready for Jack’s arrival.  Daniel still doesn’t understand what we’re talking about; I think he thinks that my belly is named Jack:)  BUT we’ve been very encouraged as we’ve introduced him to as many babies as we can get our hands on and seen him get very excited about “playing” with them.  I’m even pointing out babies in Wal-Mart and saying things like, “Jack will be a baby like that when we see him in December.”  We hope it’ll help him make the up-coming transition well.

FYI-my camera couldn’t be repaired:(  Hopefully we’ll be able to get a new one soon!