When I was a kid, my family used to sing this gospel song named “Movin’ Up to Gloryland” and recently I’ve been singing it in my head because we are moving (again).  It wasn’t that long ago that we were in the throws of packing, but here we are again.  We’ve rented a little house (hooray for “not apartment”) in Rocky Mt. and will be moving next weekend so please pray for my attitude and patience with Daniel as I finish up the packing that needs to be done!

PS-There were several videos for the song to choose from on YouTube but I decided to pick this one so that you would be able to see that my family wasn’t the only family in America who listened to this music.  I know that this will be difficult for some of you to believe:)

OH!  I forgot to mention that I have delighted in writing “the boys’ room” on everything that will go in Daniel’s room (which he will be sharing with Jack as soon as Jack moves out of Daddy and Mommy’s room).