This morning, I spoke with a specialist who has been reviewing Daniel and my daddy’s medical records (Dad had a stroke when I was in high school) to try to determine whether or not Jack is at risk to also have a stroke or related problems.  Interestingly, doctors were unable to clearly say why either of them ever had a stroke.

Diagnosis: Only the Lord knows.

As it is, they could run lots of tests on me to see if there’s anything wrong on my end but even if there were, they couldn’t do anything to protect Jack so…since I appear to be healthy, we’re not going to do much of anything.  I’ll have an extra ultrasound (woo hoo!) at 36 weeks to rule out any major happenings (it would not have shown Daniel’s stroke-it would have to be something that is large enough to be visible on the ultrasound).  Then after Jack arrives, he will undergo brain imaging just to be sure that everything’s alright.  Lord willing, everything will be fine and we’ll bring him home quickly.  Pray that we will continue to trust that God knows exactly what He’s doing and is not in need of our assistance!