Well, we’re moved in and settled in enough that I feel like I can do something other than unpack during my non-Daniel time.  Getting a house in order is not an easy task when you only have 2-3 hours to work each day.  Mostly we’re unpacked though and as soon as I finish all my sewing projects and Brian finishes all of my painting projects (poor guy-it’s tough work being the husband of a pregnant perfectionist), I’ll be officially ready for Jack to arrive. 

Daniel has grown SO much in the past few months and is, without a doubt, a little boy now.  Good thing there’s a baby on the way or my withdrawal would be much more severe.  Over the last couple of weeks, he’s mastered climbing the stairs on his feet instead of on his hands and knees and has successfully busted his mouth on the hard porcelain tile floors in the new house.  His therapy is once again underway after a short break in the action due to the move (we had to be transferred to a new agency and one new therapist-we were able to keep his fabulous PT.  Hooray!) and we are continually amazed at God’s faithfulness in bringing him along day by day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a few pictures soon-gotta run now though because I hear whimpering in the crib!