I have always said that I wanted 4 boys.  I don’t know why (probably because I tend to like “guy” things like sports, camping, etc) but I have always pictured myself as a mom of boys.  Randomly I have had a desire to make cutsy things for a little girl or to give some little girl the fabulous gift of Brian as her Daddy, but I felt nothing but joy when Brian announced to me following labor that Daniel was a boy or when the radiologist told us that Jack was a boy.  The only change in my thoughts is that I now say I want 2 boys!

Daniel has been such a beautiful blessing to me; of course we have days when I think I will go crazy (thus the title of this blog) but the moments of happiness and joy outweigh the moments of frustration about 1000 to 1.  The Lord has taught me so much about his own love for me through Daniel and has grown my patience and reliance on Him for my strength and understanding.  Even before he was born, God was using Daniel to teach me that his timing is always perfect and his plan is always the best for me.  I can’t remember life without him now.

From the womb, even now, Jack is also a blessing and a reason to give thanks.  Jack was a happy surprise that we discovered in April, and we are so excited to see how God is planning to use him in our lives.  I am currently learning to be uncomfortable and still be content, something that wasn’t a big struggle with Daniel, and to trust God in whatever he chooses to do with Jack as far as his health is concerned.

Brian and I pray daily for our boys’ salvation and I have also begun praying for their wives (if God chooses for them to be married).  Praying for their wives in particular has given me a new motivation to be growing as a wife and mother myself because the saying that boys grow up to marry their mothers isn’t that far-fetched.  So…another blessing from my boys-in the way of pushing me to grow.

How I wish that I already had a picture of them together to post but that will have to wait a few more weeks!