I must say that this has been a wonderful weekend, full of blessings from God!  To begin with, this was the weekend of my shower with my church family at Crossroads which I knew beforehand was going to be an incredible time of encouragement for me.  There are three ladies at church who are all pregnant with BOYS so we all had a shower together, and it truly was a time of praising and trusting in our Lord as well as being the recipients of wise words from moms who already have multiple children (for each of us ladies, this is our 2nd child) and gifts to help us with our new little bundles of joy. 

My biggest surprise actually came before the shower!  I was sitting in the foyer (I had arrived a little too early and been banished from the rooms where other surprises were finishing up) when there was a knock on the door.  So naturally I went to answer the door, and when I opened the door, there stood my wonderful friend Sarah who lives in Arizona!  She and Mike (I think most of you know them-or Mike at least) had flown in from AZ for the weekend so that Sarah could come to the shower!  I was speechless if you can imagine such a thing!  On Saturday afternoon, Mike and Sarah were able to come to our house and just hang out.  It was so nice to be able to spend time with them, but so sad when we had to part ways after church this morning.  The plan is to see them again soon though so I have something to look forward to after Jack comes!

Then tonight, I had the chance to do something with Daniel that I’ve been trying to do for a week or more!  One of the things that Daniel needs to work on for his occupational therapy is stirring and mixing things (especially thick things) with his right hand.  Is there a better way to accomplish this than by baking brownies together?  I think not!  So tonight after dinner, Daniel and I made brownies with photographer Daddy standing by and then they baked while I cleaned the dishes.  How do you know it’s time to eat again?  Mommy finally has all the dishes in the house clean!!  It was a blast and quite yummy too!

Happy picture looking at this wonderful weekend!