Well, it’s 10 pm on the 13th so if anyone had voted for “before my due date” they would have been wrong.  BUT no one did (stinkers)!  So unless Jack arrives suddenly in the next two hours (which is highly unlikely since my last contraction today was at about 2 pm), I guess we were all wise in our guesses:)  I’m still hoping for tomorrow but planning on taking Daniel to toddler time at the library too so it’s obvious that I don’t feel too confident that I’ll be heading to the hospital.

ps- For those of you who would be interested in such a thing, I did find a place online that would print my pictures in odd sizes AND they were also very reasonably priced.  The pictures haven’t arrived yet so I can’t vouche for their quality of work but I’ll let you know if I’m pleased when they arrive.  The website was ScrapbookPictures.com.

Just had a contraction-they always start up when I’m in the computer chair!  I’m thinking about sitting here indefinitely:)