Daniel’s grandma bought him a basketball goal for Christmas, and although he has loved it from the beginning, he hasn’t been able to make a shot from the floor UNTIL TODAY!  He did it a few times this morning but I didn’t tell Brian because it’s a lot more exciting to see it than to hear about it.  This evening (which actually was Wed.-it takes me a couple of days to finish a post right now!)  Brian came home and was playing with Daniel in his room while I nursed Jack in our bedroom, and as I was listening to them playing through the monitor (one of my favorite things to do), I heard Brian say, “GOOD JOB, DANIEL!” with more enthusiasm than usual.  I just smiled because I knew what was happening in the next room.  Before long, Brian was in our room with the biggest smile on his face to tell me the happy news and just a few minutes after that, he had run after the camera for some video footage; hope you enjoy Daniel and Coach Daddy!

viewing tip: Go down to the last slide show, which is probably playing the Rubber Duckie song by now, and in the top, left-hand corner click on the speaker to turn off the music so that you can hear the video.