And I agree.  I just hadn’t thought much about it.

Brian normally does bath duty with Daniel, but a few nights ago I gave him a bath instead.  When Momma gives the bath, we typically have a little shapes quiz where I draw shapes on the tub wall with the bath markers and ask him to identify them.  Since he still is a limited talker, I ask, “Show me the square,” and he does.  Brian is most impressed by trapezoid:) 

Anyway…a few nights ago when I was bathing him, I put lowercase letters on the tub instead.  And guess what?  Daniel correctly identified all 26 lowercase letters!  Most of you are probably wondering why I’m surprised since I’ve taught about 200 children to read…haha…but the thing is that I have made absolutely no effort to teach Daniel the alphabet.

I am giving the credit to this book, a hand-me-down from those fabulous Holloman cousins.


The book’s illustrations show the letters and the pictures separately so whenever Daniel pointed at a letter, I’d name it and…TADA!

Of course, these books haven’t hurt either.

Now I guess we should start thinking about capital letters!  I’ll be looking for a good capital letter book at yard sales, Pam!  By the way, sorry these books look so messy for the picture but this is just what they happened to look like while I was taking the pictures; at least you can tell that Daniel had been “bweading” today!