I’ve been trying to get everything ready for Daniel’s birthday party next weekend (I can’t believe he’s turning 2) and for warm, go-outside weather.  I have an OLD table – older than me – that has been…overly loved by my family for many years, and today I decided to give it a little help before I put it under our carport.  So out comes the spray paint.  I had a REALLY hard time finding this ugly not-exactly-what-I-wanted vinyl tablecloth.  I was hoping for pastels or paisley or something light and pretty but BOLD in a variety of color schemes was all I could find.  Does anyone know where a pretty one can be found?

This is what Daniel was up to (when he was awake anyway).

This is what God was doing in our backyard.  I think His work looks a lot better than mine.

And THIS is what’s coming up soon!

Also…does anyone have any ideas for the top of that table?  It’s got some kind of laminate on top of particle board and some water damage.  The only thing that I could think of to do was cover it up!