Long story short, this morning I saw this on Monkey See – Monkey Do and I fell in love!  I am always in need of storage space.  See…

Embarrassing but we have some things that we have to put out of Daniel’s reach and there are a limited number of places in the house that are currently out of his reach!  Well, I didn’t have any Costco Milk boxes but let me show you what I have TONS of that I already use for closet storage (you know for all of those yard sale clothes that my boys can’t wear yet!).

So with a little leftover contact paper and some quick tag downloads, I now have this!

BUT (haha) look at this!

Don’t worry!  I’m working on it’s mate (box #2) which will sit beside it and cover the uncovered part of the box!

Randon announcement: Jack is sitting in his bouncy seat at my feet as I type this, and we were just now playing a little game of peek-a-boo when he LAUGHED for the first time!  Hooray for happy milestones!