Yes, you read that correctly.  Now I will explain.

Boo Isolated Body Parts: Daniel has recently decided that he is opposed to(aka scared of) anything that is missing body parts (such as mannequins without heads) AND detached body parts (like cartoon “eyes” in the dark).  It all started with Elmo’s World, which I do not consider a frightening 20 minutes of TV.  On the episode where Elmo is thinking about skin, Elmo talks to a book that is about skin.  I mean, he actually TALKS TO THE BOOK.  The book looks normal except for the fact that it has facial features.  Daniel was NOT okay with this.  Ever since, if something that shouldn’t be alive is portrayed as being alive, Daniel cries and runs to me for safety.  One time it was someone’s arm sticking up from the bottom of the screen “talking” when Elmo was thinking about hands; it’s really just the idea of things functioning in a way that he knows they shouldn’t.  He really does not understand the concept of fake.  Here’s a picture of Elmo and the book that started it all.

Hooray Diarrhea: Most parents are not thrilled when their kids have diarrhea; I, on the other hand, have never known what it was like since Daniel has had problems with constipation since he was 4 months old.  The last time that Daniel had an ear infection, the pharmacist told me that his antibiotic typically caused diarrhea.  I just laughed and told her that in that case, it might make him regular!  Well, my little man is recovering from an ear infection now, and he got the same antibiotic this time AND it did give him a small (not anything major) case of diarrhea!  Why, you may ask, does this make me happy?  Because it means that Daniel is regular enough right now that diarrhea as a side effect of medication is even a possibility. 

Thankful for small things,