For over a week now, I’ve been meaning to post about our wedding anniversary.  Right now, both boys are f.i.n.a.l.l.y. in bed (notice that I didn’t say asleep) at the same time so I’m seizing the opportunity!

Brian and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on June 1st.  We used to go out of town for our anniversary (normally camping) but with the current ages of our boys, we choose not to right now.  (Not that we couldn’t find a sitter-actually we’d probably start a family feud over who got to keep them!)

Anyhow…I had big plans.

1-Get our wedding video, which we’ve only been able to see once, transferred to a DVD.

2-Fix a “for real” meal (aka meat, bread and more than one vegetable).  This has been a lot less frequent since Jack’s arrival.

3-Make dessert for after the boys are in bed while we watch the wedding video.

Then (dun dun dun)…diaster!

I went to pick up the video from our sweet friend Aaren whose wonderful husband Will had transferred it for us.  After Brian went back to work after lunch, I decided to pre-watch it 🙂  OH NO!  It was not our wedding video!  Well, it was video of our wedding but it was not THE wedding video.  I called my mom.  Did she know where the real one was?  Nope.  As soon as the boys were up from their naps, we all trucked over to my mom’s house to search.  No video.  Actually, it’s still not been found.

So, there goes #1.  Actually there also goes #2 because a girl who is frantically  searching her mother’s house cannot also be cooking a decent meal for her husband.  I did manage #3, and Brian and I watched the “out-takes” of our wedding while eating peach cobbler.

The best part?

My sweet husband was so thankful for his hotdogs (he loves them) and sweet peas that I threw together at the last minute.  And he didn’t even seem to notice that our wedding crystal (which I always try to use on our anniversary) seemed out of place with the meal.  Things didn’t go exactly as I’d planned.  They rarely do.  But I’m so thankful that God has given me such a thoughtful, supportive, Godly man with whom to share my wrecked plans.

Happy (late) anniversary, Mr. Thompson!