Jack had his 6 month check-up this morning and guess what?  He’s still skinny (although honestly, if my legs had that many rolls I would certainly not worry about being underweight).  Everything else looks great so Dr. Brinn ordered a series of tests to check for major issues (anemia, kidney/liver problems, etc.), but he seems to think that everything is going to come back normal based on how well he’s doing in all other areas.  The worst part of the appointment was that they had to draw blood for the tests, and Jack was less than pleased with the process.  Two needles for blood (he didn’t cooperate well and the first try was a bust) and then 3 shots to add insult to injury!  Poor little fellow!  Dr. Brinn will let me know about the test results in the next few days and then we’ll discuss any necessary dietary changes.  I’ll keep you posted!