Tonight, right before Mr. Thompson got home from work, I was busy in the kitchen as usual for that time of day.  Washing dishes.  Trying to finish dinner.  Praying that Daniel would be quiet so that Jack could take his little evening cat-nap.  Daniel came into the kitchen and walked over to the table to see what he could glean.  I had already put out Mr. Thompson’s Bible for our nightly reading (we’re working through Psalms) and Daniel pointed to it and said, “Bible.”  I confirmed that it was indeed the Bible and then (with my back turned-I was still washing dishes) I started talking with him about the importance of the Bible.  It is God’s word, His message and instructions for us.  It tells us who God is and who we are.  It tells us about our sin and our need to be forgiven.  “Mostly importantly,” I tell him, “it tells us about how God has made a way for us to be forgiven.” 

“OH!” says Daniel.  I think to myself…he’s listening!  I turn around and smile at him, and he says, “LAWN MOWER!”  Sure enough, about 30 seconds before I had heard a lawn mower crank up somewhere in the neighborhood.  It may be many years away, but we pray daily that Daniel and Jack will both one day understand what we’ve been talking about “all those years” and joyfully receive the truth of the gospel.

In the meantime, I had to laugh!