Tonight we decided to take an impromptu picnic to the park.  The weather was so perfect that we abandoned the roast in the crock-pot, threw some fruit and water into my bag, grabbed biscuits at Bojangles, and hit the park!  It was a great decision 🙂

There’s water in that Mountain Dew bottle; I couldn’t find anything else to put the water in at the moment.  A kind random lady saw us taking pictures and offered to take one of all four of us.  It is probably the best one since the Christmas card picture!

We had a great time.  Mr. Thompson chased Daniel up and down the playground equipment, making sure that our little Evil Kenevil didn’t fall or jump off of anything too high!

Jack and I took a turn on the slide too!

Everything was going along so wonderfully when suddenly….DUN DUN DUN!  Daniel spotted this in the distance.

I found a little bench and decided to take Jack’s picture on it while Mr. Thompson took Daniel over to see the basketball game.

Daniel was very disappointed that he couldn’t also play basketball.  Very disappointed.  So we went home.