I was recently inspired by this post by The Nester over at Nesting Place.  She and I have something in common: we’re both renters.  She really challenged me to make the most of the home that we are in right now instead of waiting until we buy a home.  This is not a huge first step, but we have literally about 25 unpacked boxes of beloved books in storage and nowhere to put them.  Today while perusing a Pottery Barn catalog, I saw an old ladder used to house newspapers so I decided to steal and slightly alter the idea!  This ladder belongs on my boys’ bunk beds but since Daniel (aka Evil Kenevil) cannot be trusted around ladders, it’s been in storage until it’s actually needed which will probably be at least 2 years from now.  Two fewer boxes of books in storage and a house that’s a little more like home: not bad for a evening’s worth of work!

Sorry about the sideways picture.  I’m too crunched for time to fix it right now, but I’ll do it soon.

The gown on the wall is my favorite baby item from my boys.  To me, it was the outfit that said, “Baby,” and I must admit that I cried when they each outgrew it around 6 months old.  I want to have it framed one day but for now, this will have to do.  Also I must admit that I am a poser.  My bed was in no way made when I put the books on the shelf but I made it up for the pictures.  Mr. Thompson believes that it is a stupid chore so even though I like to have it made (the room looks so much neater, wouldn’t you agree?), there’s no pressure to do it and therefore is often left undone.