Let me introduce you to my fabulous Grandma, Louise!

Here she is holding my sweet Jack Dossie (who was named after her late husband, Dossie Edmund) at Daniel’s birthday party.  I have been so blessed to have so many Godly examples of womanhood in my life.  You know that verse in Proverbs 31 that says, “her children rise up and call her blessed?”  That’s my Grandma.  She has been a constant picture of self-sacrifice in front of my eyes.  I’m sure that it’s happened (because she’s a sinner saved by God’s grace-just like me) but I’ve never seen her turn from hard work because no one would notice or because she didn’t feel appreciated.  She truly puts hands and feet to the Biblical passages that talk about what a wife and mother should be. 

Well, now that you’ve been properly introduced, please allow me to ask for your prayer on her behalf today.  She will be having back surgery to replace a disc in her upper back/lower neck.  I’ll keep you updated, friends.  Thanks for your prayers.