A couple of the churches that we’ve been visiting have been collecting things for Operation Christmas Child, and I have things to contribute but can never seem to remember them while we’re rushing out of the door to get to church.  This morning my friend Beth sent me this video in an email (and by the way Beth, did you think that you could maybe BLOG about this video on your oh-so-neglected blog? hehehe) and now I really don’t think I’ll have trouble remembering on Sunday morning.  I cried when I watched it.  Mostly because I realized again how much my boys have despite the fact that I’ve never bought them a toy from a store.  I said that a few weekends ago, and I thought that one lady was going to pass out, but it’s true.  Between yard sales and our very generous family, our boys have so many toys that I have to put them on a rotation to keep our little house from being completely taken over.  Just yesterday, Mr. Thompson’s mom brought Daniel a new toy Matchbox truck and I tell him three times to come and see it.  What a difference in their responses-one little boy is beside himself and the other really doesn’t even care enough to stop what he’s doing!  Anyway, whether it’s through Operation Christmas Child or some other project/organization, I hope that you’ll bless a child this year with perhaps the only gift he’s received this year.  I do recommend OCC because it comes through the local bodies of Christ and mission organizations.