You don’t believe it, but it’s true!  It’s time for Christmas cards!  No, I’m not planning on skipping Thanksgiving, friends; it’s my favorite holiday BUT I really like for my Christmas cards to leave our little house on December 1st.  Last year, I had to wait because our Christmas card was doubling as Jack’s birth announcement (hooray for saving money on postage!) and it nearly killed me!  I had everything ready in advance, we took the picture in the hospital, and unless I am mistaken, most people had their’s by Christmas day.  Not bad considering that Jack didn’t join us until 12/19!  So anyway, the time is here my friends!  If you want to have those babies addressed and in the mail on Dec.1 or shortly thereafter, you need to order them soon.  I am loving on several items from Shutterfly this year.  This link will take you to the Christmas card section.  Here are my favorites!

 I haven’t decided which we’ll get yet; it depends on how the pictures look in each one.  To add the last touch of pretty, I really want some address labels too, and by ordering them from Shutterfly, I can make sure that they coordinate with the cards–hooray for matching cuteness!

AND while you’re over at Shutterfly looking around, I also recommend their calendars!  We have one for 2009 and I love looking at the cute pictures from 2008 and being amazed at how much Daniel has grown.  Next year’s calendar will have little Jack too!!  I am actually planning on giving some of these for Christmas gifts too but I won’t say who for just in case they’re reading!

Now, for practical purposes I will tell you that cards are currently 25% off and that if you watch it closely, you can get some fabulous deals so that custom Christmas cards are actually cheaper than box cards.  I also use my Pampers Gift to Grow points to get my calendar each year so if you use Pampers in your household, you might want to use the GTG points for Shutterfly cards or calendars.  No matter what kind of Christmas cards you send out, I hope I get one:)

*disclaimer: this post was written with my true opinions of Shutterfly items as part of blog promotion.  If you are an interested blogger, you can find details here. Oh-and select Clever 100 as your referral source.