Jack has taken off with the help of a push toy!  He has been “cruising” along furniture for about a week so we knew it wouldn’t be long.  Then Tuesday night he walked on his knees while pushing his little toy.  I was so sad because I missed it; I was at a ladies’ Bible study.  Then Thursday he took two steps while pushing the toy.  I missed it again.  I was cooking lunch for my crew and had just turned my back to get something out of the microwave.  Brian saw it but not me.  Sad Mommy.  But when he got up from his nap, I stood him up in front of it and he took off!!  It was almost like he was working it out in his sleep, and when he got up, he knew how to do it.  Anyway he took off and he’s been going ever since.  It’s only a matter of time now before he lets go of the toy and keeps on walking without it.  I have a feeling that my Christmas tree is not going to be safe this year without A LOT of guarding!