Tonight we had to go out to do a little Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  We decided to eat at Chick-Fil-A (Daniel and Mommy’s favorite) and then let the boys play in the play area while I ran over to Wal-Mart (in the same shopping center) to pick up what we needed.  Dinner was great…yummy chicken!  After the table was cleaned up and the guys were settled with Mr. Thompson in the play area, I snuck off to the land of torment alone.  When I returned, Mr. Thompson informed me (and was backed up by the testimony of a couple of moms) that Jack took his first steps while I was gone.  Evidently some moms were “oohing and ahhing” over him and Jack, who is shy of strangers, took a few steps to Daddy for safety.  I ask you, friends, “WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?”  I am with that boy nearly 24/7, but every time he’s going to do something new, he waits until I’m gone!!!  Of course, I had the camera, but it was with ME!  Hooray for first steps…boo for missing it.

On the Daniel front- we had a doctor’s appointment for Daniel today and he weighed in at 27.5 lbs., putting him a little above the 10%!!!  WOO HOO!!  The nurse kindly agreed to weigh Jack for me as well, and he weighed 17.5 lbs.  That is still below the 3%, but is a weight gain of 1 lb in 1 month–not too shabby:)