In October, Mr. Thompson and I began discussing three major changes that needed to happen for Daniel in the six months to follow.  We knew that we wanted to move Jack into Daniel’s room, take Daniel’s pacifier, and begin potty training. 

In late October/early November, we moved Jack in, and after about a week, it was pretty smooth.  Every now and then we still have a few issues, but all in all they’ve done great, and we look forward to them learning lessons and making great memories sharing a room. 

We were planning on Brian taking some time off in January to accomplish goal #2.  I was honestly terrified of the screaming that would result from the removal of his “buddy.”  But God has graciously provided in this area!  The night before last, at about 5 am, Daniel cried out, “Moooommmmy!”  When I got there, he told me that “taci” was lost in the bed.  Friends, I had a flashlight in there and everything, but could not find that pacifier.  So I told him that it was lost, but that he could come to my bed.  Surprisingly, he went to sleep without it (for the first time e.v.e.r.).  We think that this is because about a week ago, he bit a hole in his buddy, and unlike in times past, we didn’t replace it.  With a hole in it, the pacifier didn’t have the same comforting sucking sensation.  So by the time we had our 5 am meeting, the pacifier had become more of a habit than a comfort.  Anyway, that was that!  I found the pacifier the next morning (balled up in the quilt) and immediately hid it, and when he asked for it, I reminded him that he had lost it.  Since then, no pacifier!

If only potty training would go as smoothly!  Our plan is to start right after his birthday.  Our pediatrician and I have talked about it several times, and he believes that it may be a long, difficult process because of Daniel history with GI troubles.  We are trying to balance being realistic and being optimistic as we approach this important time in his life.  As it stands, two out of three isn’t bad 🙂