• Make monthly menus (I’ve actually already started this one and it has really made a difference in my stress level around 5 pm each night)
  • Start a new cleaning rotation.  This has worked for me in the past so hopefully it will work now too even though there are now 2 little people.


  • Make date nights a monthly priority-even if it’s a “stay-in” date.
  • Begin visiting rotation to see great-grandparents.  Brian and I each have living grandparents, and I would like to visit each of them no less that once a month with the boys.  This one may have to wait until April because Daniel’s therapy ends in March, Lord willing, and that currently takes up two mornings.
  • Begin 1/2 hour individual time per day with each boy.  There are things that I want to do with Daniel that I can’t do with Jack around and visa versa so I really need to focus on having one-on-one time with my small guys.


  • Identify ways that I can serve in our new body and get started 🙂
  • Develop new relationships in our body.


  • Get back to pre-Daniel weight (only 10 lbs. to go but wow, those 10 have really been tripping me up!)
  • Make and complete a reading list for 2011.  More to come on this one.


  • Last year my goal was to blog at least once a week, but I’m going to shoot for twice a week this year.


I’m sure that along the way, I’m going to fall off of this horse.  But my plan, with the Lord’s strength, is to keep getting back on.