This is about a week late, but last Wednesday I took Jack to see our wonderful pediatrician for his one year well-child check.  Everything looked great, and our doctor was nearly as relieved as we were to see Jack zooming around the examination room, seeing what he could discover.  He weighed exactly 18 lbs. and was 28.25 inches tall.  His weight (no surprise) was still below the 3rd percentile but his little curve had made a sharp incline, which we were pleased to see.  Head circumference and height were both right at the 25th percentile.  Overall, he is happy and healthy.  Along with the doctor, we have decided not to begin any supplementation in his diet so except for the times when our smoothies contain a package or two of vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast, he’ll not be getting any “extras.”  If his weight curve suddenly makes a downward turn, our friends CIB and Pediasure will be there to help:) 

Other fun Jack facts:

  • currently has 7 little teeth
  • loves to zoom cars/trucks around on the floor
  • know exactly what to do with that basketball if you will just lift him high enough to reach the goal
  • thinks that the world’s greatest game is chasing Daniel, who jumps out to “scare” him before they both explode with laughter
  • is a MOMMY’S BOY!!!