If you are a mom of young children who has it all together, you might as well stop reading now because this idea is for moms like me, who can barely keep their heads on straight.  I go to the doctor with the boys a lot.  Between well-child checks for Daniel and Jack no less than every 6 months (a little more than typical because of weight-gaining troubles) and sick visits, we travelled to our pediatrician 14 times last year.  I know because yesterday I calculated the mileage while doing our taxes.  I am normally flustered while we’re there because I’m trying to listen attentively to all that our wonderful doctor has to say, quiet irritated children (who don’t like to be poked and proded), and ask any questions that I have in a coherent way.  Today I thought about a concern that I have about Daniel and kicked myself for not asking my question last week so I decided to make some running lists of questions/concerns.  I’ve done this before but I normally lose the list before I make it to the doctor.  Surprising, huh?  Anyway this time I used cute tiny cards (I think that you’re supposed to use them on gifts and such) and taped them to the refrigerator.  Not a genius idea by any means, but hopefully it will make me more prepared for those 14 doctor’s appointments.