The head physical therapist and owner of the therapy center that treats Daniel came out today to do a little experimentation with Daniel and e-stim or electric stimulation (aka shock therapy-although that sounds scary).  It went very well for a first try.  I told him beforehand that she was coming with magic stickers that would tickle him, and he was very excited to see her drive up!  First we put on the “stickers” and let him just wear them around to get used to them while the PT hooked me up to the device so that I could feel exactly what he’d be feeling at different levels.  We let Daniel press the button to “tickle” Mommy and I giggled and played it up.  🙂  Then we hooked Daniel’s stickers up to to the machine and put it at the very lowest level.  It was too low for him to feel anything, but we tickled his leg around the electrodes and laughed and made it a game.  He even pressed the button to tickle himself!  We aren’t sure if it will really be a big help but the only way to know is to try so we’re giving it a go.  The PT said that he did very well and was surprisingly cooperative so hopefully he’ll ease into the actual therapy well.  We’ll see next Monday…and the next…and the next.  I wonder when he’ll actually start feeling it.