Last Wednesday night, Daniel told his first story.  No, not his first lie; he told that one a long time ago, and I wasn’t excited enough to blog about it!  On the way home from church, I heard Daniel in the back seat. “Oh, sheeeeep!  Oh, sheeeeep!  Where arrrrrrre youuuuuuu, sheep?” he began.  “More sheep!  More sheep!” he continued.  “Thank you, Super Grov!  Thank you, Super Grov!”  (That would be Super Grover from Sesame Street)  “You welcome.  You welcome.”

Here is a video of the skit he was reenacting for his little mind’s eye.  No sheep were harmed in the retelling of this story.

Sadly, there is no available video because the episode is too current.   As soon as SS releases the video, I’ll post it.  So sad.