On Sunday the 9th, we had an interesting adventure in parenthood.  Brian and I had decided to grab lunch at Bojangles on the way home from church because I needed to grocery shop that afternoon, and it takes a well-oiled machine to get us back to church (on time) for Sunday night service.  So…we pull up, order, and drive up to the line that’s waiting at the window.  When the car in front of us gets to the window, I look at Brian and ask for his wallet.  After feeling both pants pockets and all of his coat pockets, he declared that it must’ve been left at home.  I knew exactly where in the house mine was so there we were with no way to pay for our food.  We drove up, explained the situation to the lady (who agreed to set our order to the side until we could get back), and then pulled off without food.  Daniel was perplexed to say the least.  He sat dumbfounded with this look on his face for about five minutes.

Brian and I were trying so hard to stop laughing at him long enough to explain that we were coming back to get the food as soon as we had Daddy’s wallet, but we cracked up every time we looked at him.  Eventually he seemed to understand; he stopped trying to get us to go back at any rate.  That face was just too priceless!  I’m so glad that I had the camera in his bag!