Last week I decided to stop waiting for the weather to get nice and just bring the easel in from the carport.  I’ve been putting it off because I honestly did not want to deal with the mess that painting in the house might produce, but Daniel surprised me by being relatively clean with his painting.  The walls and floors were safe; my clothes were not.  I now have a painting shirt for myself as well as for Daniel. 

HE LOVES PAINTING!  The last time that we tried, he was rather indifferent about the process but this time I used a bigger brush (actually, an old basting brush-hehe) and put some paint that I dug out of my teacher box in small cups for him to dip on his own.  He has had the best time painting over the past week or so.  He also says repeatedly, “Gordon, what’d you make?!?”  Obviously this is a Sesame Street reference, but I can’t figure out which episode it comes from.  Brian and I have both searched the internet but it’s probably some obscure line that we’ll just have to catch one day.  I did manage some video.  The first one was 10 minutes long-pretty sure you don’t want to sit through that one.  This one ends abruptly when Daniel sees the camera and runs to me because he thinks that I’ve been taking still shots and wants to see them:)  Enjoy!!