I have a problem.  Well, sort of a problem.  I’m hoping for some insight on my hair.  Yes, you read that correctly.  With the weight of instructing and disciplining two toddlers, I’m asking for advice on my hair.

My hair used to be ridiculously flat and lifeless  very straight.  Pregnancy brought some serious changes; during each of my pregnancies, my hair became increasingly wavy and now it is actually curly.  I’ve been quite glad since I always wanted for my hair to do something (anything other than lay there) BUT I’ve run into a problem.  I really don’t know anything about making this new hair of mine look decent.   I’ve been living in ponytails and other “up-dos” because when I leave it down, it turns into a frizz nightmare!

Two days ago,  I went to my mailbox to find a….any guesses?….FREE SAMPLE of some shampoo that I’d requested.  On a side note, I haven’t bought shampoo since last June thanks to free samples.  You’ll understand why this is important in just a few minutes.  I used it that night and it was GREAT!  It smelled delicious, but more importantly it tamed my unruly tresses to a lovely wave.  I was s.o. excited.  Brian heard all about the wonders of the fabulous shampoo (or did he?  There was a basketball game on so I can’t be sure.) and encouraged me to go ahead and buy some of it.  SO last night I looked online and found my miracle shampoo….for $21/8.5 oz. bottle.  {gasp}  I didn’t know that such shampoo existed; I guess you have to pay for some miracles, huh?

So now…finally to my cry for help.  Do any of my curly-headed friends have any recommendations for shampoos that work even semi-miracles but do not cost two limbs?  OR any general advice for my new hair?