I hope that you all enjoy this little video of Daniel at the park, but I must confess that I am posting it especially for my friend Laurie.  Laurie was Daniel’s first and longest-lasting physical therapist and the lady that I still call on with my PT questions.  She taught Daniel to walk, stand from a sitting position, run…pretty much all of his foundational skills for his leg.  I firmly believe that God graciously chose to place Laurie (who was already a friend and part of our church family) with Daniel, maximizing his comfort and success.  Today Daniel climbed this apparatus at the park with confidence for the first time, and I couldn’t help but think of you, Laurie, and praise God for his mercy towards our family.

Oh-and sorry about the poor sound quality on the video…the wind was really blowing today.  There’s no great dialogue so feel free just to mute it!