Wednesdays present a challenge.  I know that this beginning doesn’t seem to match my title, but give me a few paragraphs.  On Wednesday nights, we go to church and normally get home between 8:30-9…too late to start P90X because you’re supposed to drink a recovery drink after your workout but it’s also supposed to be a couple of hours before bed.  Here’s the way it is: being with our church family, growing in love towards them, learning about our Savior and how to glorify Him is INFINITELY more important to us than being fit or skinny or even healthy so the question wasn’t whether we’d be attending church but whether we could also manage to exercise that day.  I have much more flexibility in my schedule than Mr. Thompson thanks to nap time so that was my plan, but what about him?

Let me explain that Mr. Thompson (unlike me) is already in great physical condition.  He plays basketball at least twice a week at the ridiculous hour of 5:30 am and is generally more active than I am.  Pretty much, he’s doing P90X to help me out.  We’ve agreed that he can cheat on the diet as long as he does it when I’m not there to be tempted!  So I present our difficulty about Wednesday, which happens to be one of his basketball days.  I honestly expected him to bail on Wednesdays and I would have completely been okay with that, but instead, he decided to rearrange his work schedule to eat at the office on Wednesdays and come home to do P90X with me during naptime.  Best. Husband. Ever.  Fortunately, this week he and his friends won’t be playing on Wednesday, so we’ll have a test run without the 4:45 alarm clock, but he still won’t rest until around 9 that night.  I think that I’ll wait on him hand and foot on Wednesday nights because there is no doubt that he will be more tired than I will be.