Daniel loves music of all sorts, and has “played” his guitar more than he’s played with any toy that he owns with the possible exception of his basketball goal(s).  That (s) is not a joke; we have one outdoors, one in the living room, a hanging one in his bedroom, and a bathtub version in the tub.  I digress.  This week we were having music time while I was cooking dinner; to keep the boys entertained, I sing while they play instruments.  I just sing whatever pops into my head.  About halfway through music time, I started singing Rocky Top, and that kid went BaNaNaS!  He was dancing and bobbing his head and attempting to tap his foot.  It was the cutest thing ever!  So I took him into the living room, opened up Pandora, and created a “Rocky Top” station.  The following video was taken the next day, but this is what he did for 30 minutes after I first opened Pandora.  He was still playing his guitar and jamming out when Brian got home from work, and we had to pull him away to eat dinner.  No doubt about it, Daddy/Granddaddy; it’s in his blood!

Our video session was cut a little short by the telephone – hehe!  Watch those eyes and that tongue!