I just wanted to do a little Jack update because I realized how little information I’ve given about him lately.  Jack’s doing really well, and is such a sweet baby!  Mr. Thompson says that he’s fussy, but I don’t know what he’s talking about…ahem.  He can say Mama (although he rarely does), Dada, Daniel, juice, cracker, oh no  (so cute), no no, and uh oh.

 Jack is an eater, but you can’t tell by looking at him!  He eats about twice as much as Daniel at any given meal!  Evidently, both of the boys have inherited Mr. Thompson’s raging metabolism.

Last week Jack started really trying to climb so it won’t be long before the back of the couch isn’t a “safe zone.”  He loves to run and play outside with Daniel and play “chase.”  Chase pretty much consists of Daniel running into a new room and calling Jack until Jack follows him!  🙂  When we’re outdoors, Jack spends 75% of his time at the sand table.  He loves to watch the sand sift through the various sifters that they have.  It is precious to watch as Daniel and Jack become playmates; they love each other SO MUCH, and we feel overly blessed to have two boys who get along so well.