On Thursday our family celebrated Daniel’s third birthday in our own little quiet way.  Our plan was to give Daniel his present in the morning,but we got up a little later than usual and Mr. Thompson had to rush out to work so we waited until lunch.  Daniel LOVES his vacuum!  He just kept saying, “A vacuum!  A vacuum!”

I know that ya’ll are just so impressed with the elaborate wrapping on Daniel’s gift!

We always have “birthday dinner” of the birthday person’s favorite; Daniel had BBQ chicken and green beans 🙂  Then we sing “Happy Birthday” and have cake, which to Daniel constitutes a birthday party!  Also on birthdays, we tell the child’s story.  So I got out the “Daniel book” and told him all about how Daddy and I prayed and hoped for a sweet baby and how at just the right time, God sent him.  We looked at the pictures of that first long week in the hospital and thanked God for Daniel and his growth.  Then, just like every night, we prayed thanking God for both of our boys and asking for His redemptive work in their hearts.  It was a quiet day, a peaceful day…very different from the day he was born.  One highlight of the day was that Daniel understood the idea and was able to blow out his candles for the first time 🙂  We practiced that every night of Advent!

He’s been asking for more birthday cake ever since.  Bad news, little man.  The next birthday in this house isn’t until June!