Well, it was sort-of a lousy week.  Boo on me for eating birthday cake on Thursday night and yummy spaghetti at our church social on Sunday night.  I can’t honestly say that I regret either decision though; both were delicious.  🙂  Again, numbers are totals since day one.  Today is day 36 (almost half-way!).

weight  -4.5 lbs

bust    -1.75 in

waist     -2.75 in

hips      -1.5 in

thighs       -1 in each

arms         -1/2 in (right) and -1/4 in (left)

Even though the numbers didn’t change much from last week, tonight I really felt great during our workout.  I did nearly all of the ab-ripper video including all 50 of the last exercise.  Our first night doing ab-ripper I did 5.  Only 5!  I was super excited.  Time to hit the sack; I’m exhausted!