We had a chunk of money dropped into our laps…literally.  Mr. Thompson decided to add it to a little collection that we’ve been trying to save for a new TV, but that left us with another dilemma, namely that the new TV was only 40 lbs (as opposed to the previously owned 100 pounder) but still on the low used-to-be-an-end table.  The result was a crazy mommy who was sick of constantly saying, “Be careful for the TV, ” “Don’t touch the TV,” or (my personal favorite), “Jack, don’t hit the TV with your toy car!!”  Time to shop for some free furniture!  I recalled an old dresser that used to be in my brother’s room when we were growing up and called my mom to see if it was still hanging around somewhere unused.  Score!  Said dresser was out in storage and had already been sanded!  Wow!  Free WITH the hard work already done!  It didn’t look like much when it arrived…

But now……………………(drumroll, please!)

One of the drawers was missing the wooden piece around the hardware, resulting in a big ugly hole in the front of the drawer, but it’s nothing that a little wooden “applique” won’t fix!

One funny something about these recent additions to our home.  Yesterday our friends Mike and Sarah, along with their precious little Debby, stopped by to visit and when they walked in, they both focused on the same corner of the room with a smile.  But they were looking at different new objects.  It was pretty entertaining 🙂