I’m late again this week, but it’s turned out to be a good thing.  I’m not feeling super motivated tonight (Legs and Back just kicked my bottom!) so looking at Monday’s numbers will be a help to me 🙂  When I measured and weighed this week, it felt so good to still see the numbers getting smaller.  Today is Day 61…2/3 of the way there!

weight    -8 lbs!!  (1 lb to go for wedding weight!)

chest    -2″

waist     -3.25″

hips    -3.25″

thighs   -1.5″ each

right arm   -3/4″

left arm     -1/2″

Bonus: I have a favorite “skinny dress” that I wanted to wear (again) this year for Easter, and that was one of my short term goals (I tried to set goals along the 90 days).  I had it dry cleaned this week, and Mr. Thompson picked it up on his way home from work on Thursday.  {Aside: I cannot BELIEVE the cost of dry cleaning!!}  When I tried it on today, it was actually a little too big 🙂  I’m still wearing it on Sunday, especially since I had it cleaned!