Several months ago, Aunt Renee brought Daniel a new book, Duck Goes Potty.  It was an instant favorite.  The boys both love when Duck “misses” and then exclaims, “QUACK!”  After consulting with Daniel’s OT about a year ago, we decided to wait until Daniel was able to pull his own pants up and down before we even attempted potty training, and honestly, that was the longest part of the process.  Once he had the mechanics down, we needed to wait for several warm days (over 70 in my book) because part of the potty training that we had decided to try included nude and nearly nude days.  Our big weekend started on April 7th – a Thursday, actually, because the program requires 3 full days at home and we didn’t want to miss church.  Within three days, Daniel was using the potty to pee with almost no accidents, but poop was a different story.  Most of you know that Daniel has chronic constipation which is controlled with diet and medication (It’s related to the stroke and eventually the muscles should strengthen to the point that he doesn’t need medicine.  He’s down to 1/3 of his original dosage.) so we knew that this might be a problem.  I have read a lot of information/ideas online and some of them actually set us back a little (maybe I’ll post on that part later), but this week he has initated going to the bathroom to eliminate twice and has had zero accidents.  As of tonight, I consider him officially potty trained.  I’m sure that he will have accidents occasionally as most children do, but we are glad to say, “No More Diapers, Duck!”

There are pictures from the potty training weekend, but I’m sure that Daniel wouldn’t appreciate having them on the internet 🙂