As an adult (but not a mommy yet), I had a very romantic idea of Mother’s Day.  It was a day to honor mom so it stands to reason that everyone would do everything in their power to eliminate the work of a mom for that day, right?  Well…so I thought.  Perhaps when my boys are 7 and 9 years old instead of 1 and 3 years old, Mother’s Day will be more like my old ideal, but in the meantime the Holy Spirit has identified some selfishness in my heart.  You see, I love my own comfort to a point of sinfulness.  Although it would be nice to sleep in (i.e. 8:00?) or have breakfast made for me instead of making it for them, God has instructed me to care for my children– not the other way around.  Their honoring of me is in the training phase 🙂  My joy in Mother’s Day this year is coming from the recognition that God has graciously allowed me to bear, love, serve, care for, train, discipline, play with, (did I mention love?) and LOVE my sons!

Thank you, Lord, for my precious sons!  I pray that you will change their hearts into hearts that love and desire to live for you!