Caution: This blog post may become entirely too long.  Feel free to read it in shifts.

On July 4th weekend, 2010 the Thompson family drove to Asheville, NC to visit their wonderful friends, the Angel family.  The visit was wonderful, but the drive was horrific.  Mr. Jack Thompson (four months old during said trip) had no delight at all in the ride and made it miserable for all involved in the 5-8 hour drive (depending on how many times you stop to eat, nurse, bathroom, stretch, etc.).  Since that unfortunate experience, the Angel family as generously driven to us.  But this weekend, the Thompson family loaded up the car to try once again and it was a GREAT success!

I will now relive this fabulous weekend with you through pictures!

We arrived around 3 pm and started settling in right away.  Hotdogs and SMORES over the fire, fun at the park, running outdoors, all sorts of fun!  Friday evening and Saturday flew by…it always does.

Homeward bound!  While we were at the Hanes Mall on our way, Daniel asked to “bounce” on these jumper thingies (so technical, I know).  Mr. Thompson and I gave the typical parent answer that we would discuss it and maybe he could try on the way home.  We did indeed discuss it and decided that it was safe and a good adventure for him and if he did it correctly, could be good therapy for his leg.  SO…included in this slide show is a video of him “bouncing!”  We were so proud of how brave he was, and although he didn’t jump as much as we’d hoped, he definitely understands now what he’s supposed to do and will be able to do it better next time.